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ALMA Graduate School- University of Bologna

One year at the MBA of Alma Graduate School, is the key to set the milestones for a personal and professional growth. The Alma Graduate School is the Business School of the University di Bologna. It is among the most important schools of management in Europe and surely one of the most innovative ones in Italy. Alma Graduate School was founded in 2000 as a consortium between the University di Bologna, Fondazione Marconi and Fondazione Carisbo. Interdisciplinariety, integration with the business world and international focus are the keywords for managing the complex and continuously changing economic environment. The Faculty is formed of academicians as well as of businessmen and women. The network of Alma Alumni is a highly active and engaging community through which it is possible to share ideas, ambitions and resources. The Alma facilities are enclosed within Villa Guastavillani on the hills surrounding Bologna, just ten minutes away from the city center. Built in 1575 by Cardinal Filippo Guastavillani, nephew of Pope Gregorio XIII, the villa was recently restored by the University di Bologna: 4.000 square meters of classrooms, reading rooms, Aula Magna, multimedia and conference rooms, not to mention the restaurant and gym. The Computer Labs are equipped with state of the art technology and are continuously updated. A wireless network provides coverage throughout the entire villa and surrounding park. Public parking is available on campus as well.

Becoming a Leader

The MBA of Alma Graduate School is a one-year full-time international program taught in English with six different concentrations. At the end of the succesfull complition of the MBA, participatns are awarded a Master's Degree by the University of Bologna. Creating employability is one of the primary goals of the program, making interaction between theory and practice an essential part of the curriculum: master lectures, testimonials, analysis of business cases and in-company visits will take place throughout the year side by side to the core academic courses. The program also includes a 500-hor internship.

MBA concentrations:
- Corporate Finance
- Brazil and Europe Business Relations
- China/Far East and Europe Business Relations
- Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
- Food and Wine
- Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses All six concentrations share the following core General Management courses: Corporate Finance, Corporate Strategy, Financial and Managerial Accounting, International Finace, Leading People and Organizations, Marketing Management. Following the complition of the General Management courses, participants attend concentration-specific courses for the remaining two thirds of the MBA program.

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