Ferrari driving School Italy

Supercar driving experience – Best school to drive Ferrari

There’s no point in owning the finest in Italian motoring unless you can drive like an Italian. There are many courses in driving supercars by those who manufacture them and they aim to create a seamless bond between the driver and the car, enhancing the intuitive supercar driving experience.

Maserati driving course in Parma

Advanced driving techniques, on track with telemetry analysis, dynamic handling on the circuit and exercises in low friction surfaces are some of the aspects covered on the course to achieve an absolute fluid relationship between car and driver. Master Maserati courses are held at the Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) Autodrome, which is a perfect track for teaching, combining the best of both challenging conditions and safety.

The fleet includes GranTurismo S, Quattroporte S, Quattroporte Sport GT S, GranTurismo MC Stradale (12 cars), each equipped with on-board audio/video recording system. This season it is also be possible to try some of the new Maserati models on track. The day course fee includes aperitivo and dinner after, which is nice.

Maserati snow driving course Switzerland

The Maserati Snow Test Drive programme takes place in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz. Participants get the opportunity to drive high-performance Maseratis on snow and ice, with expert tuition from professional drivers. You won’t have to boil a kettle to thaw out the windscreen on these cars, and you needn’t worry when your €150, 000 Maserati starts veering uncontrollably to the right headed for the edge of the road.

Quattroporte, GranTurismo and GranTurismo Convertible can be let loose in a completely controlled environment, while the icy conditions make for a fast and furious blow-out in the craziest conditions imaginable. The course has an extremely practical aim, too: to help participants understand how to handle unexpected situations when grip has been compromised by weather. So topics include handling, proper braking, how to find and follow the ideal line, how to steer and brake correctly with different techniques, all on a snow and ice-covered circuit. All the Maserati performance courses include ‘Italian lifestyle’ elements, including the very best of food and accomodation.

Pilota Ferrari Sport in Maranello (Mo)

The Pilota Ferrari Sport course is an intensive, tried and tested programme of professional and didactically effective instruction. Sports driving techniques are learned through track activities and include car control exercises on a low grip skid surface to help you get an accurate feel for the true performance of a Ferrari. A fleet of 9 458 Italia and 4 F12berlinetta will be available for the 2013 Pilota Ferrari Sports Driving Course. This is the ‘entry’ level of Ferrari driving and there are many more courses to graduate to that take you right up to race driving levels.

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