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university of treviso

photos treviso buildings palazzo umanesimo latino THE UNIVERSITY OF TREVISO - Riviera Santa Margherita The first news, concerning the establishment of a Faculty in Treviso, went back to 1231 according to the history; the town was looking for a doctor who could open a medicine school in that year.
The canon Florio de’ Dovari from Cremona was appointed jurisprudence professor in 1269.
The facade of Hospital - 1846
Engraving by Antonio Nani.
(Biblioteca Comunale di Treviso)

The present seat of University in Treviso,
placed in Riviera Margherita.

A doctor, employed by the Municipality thanks to his capacity, was giving lessons to students in 1284; the doctor had to live within the and the Podestà couldn’t dismiss the doctor from his office. images palazzo bortolan

As for the law studies it is a known fact that there was at least a highly considered jurisprudence professor already in 1309, his name was Giambellino da Parabiago.

The Municipality exerted itself to give jurisprudence, humanities and medicine teachers to Treviso, the same thing happened in other medieval towns.

From 1313 and to 1314 Treviso concentrated its efforts to build a small university by the help of a canon law professor, hired as full professor, another one hired as temporary teacher and the third had to teach canon law and the fourth one medicine.
The building of University
(before called "Ospedale dei Battuti") Besides it was laid down all four teachers had to be graduated in the subject they taught; they had to guarantee their professional services also to Municipality without further pay, if this was requested.
Palazzo Bortolan - 1846 -
Engraving by Antonio Nani.
(Biblioteca Comunale di Treviso)
Palazzo dell’Umanesimo Latino
before called "Palazzo Bortolan".
First years of 19th century. In 1724 the earl Ramboldo degli Azzoni Avogadro tried his utmost so that the Accademia dei Solleciti (Solleciti Academy) was born in Treviso also thanks to archbishop Augusto Sacco’s help.
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