Going to School in Italy

Grad School Oil Painting and Art History Courses in Italy

Above: This was the view on three sides of the country estate where I went to school this summer in Italy. I walked this path many times a day going from the classroom to my room and also to the painting studio. What a view! And, I'm wearing my painting clothes! I wore them every day! Honestly, they are now some of my prize possessions! Oil painting is messy!

All of the paintings you see surrounding me in the above photo are some of the more than 27 paintings I did while in Italy. This photo was at our last critique where we presented our best paintings and told about them. Later that night we had a gallery show where some of the neighbors and friends of the owners of Capitignano came to view our work.
In the above photo I am in the process of painting the villa (house) you see behind me. The left side of this villa was most likely a 2-3rd century B.C.Roman look out tower which many hundred years later was made into a house. The bottom door, second from the right, was where I stayed for the whole summer while I was going to school in Italy. I enjoyed painting the house because it is a part of my great memories from the trip! Art making is such a good way to preserve your memories.

19 year old girl too beautiful to go to school .

by nowknow

(ANSA) - Brescia-Italy, April 18
A teen at the centre of a storm after her Pakistani migrant family stopped her going to a high school because of fears her beauty would attract too many Italian suitors returned to the classroom on Monday.
The parents were worried about the prospect of the 19-year-old developing romances, while they consider the possibility of an arranged marriage for her with a young Pakistani, and had kept her at home. After mediation between the family, trade unions, police, migrant associations and the Pakistani Consulate in Milan, she was escorted to her school in the northern city of Brescia by Pakistani Consul Seyed Mohammed Farook

Vacation Story, try to keep it short: part of my

by on_the_rox

Trip we stayed with my friend who is going to school in italy. she rooms with another college girl, she's 19. My friend is in her 30's but has been hiding her age as most of the other students there are young. So, i played along and didn't disclose my age, but i can't hide my age very well. Grey hairs and all.
So, last day of the trip, her friend is at another apt, across the way that & from the window they can see me sitting at the kitchen table.
I'm just sitting there, minding my own business when i hear girls giggling... I look up, see the roommate and a couple of girls standing at the window looking at me

I think i'm going to do it

by -

Quit my job and travel in europe for the summer, then re-enroll at school to finish my bachelor's.
how much $$$ do you think i'll need for a 2.5 month jaunt across the continent? i want to do it very cheaply, but see a lot:
belgium: bruge, brussels
spain: barcelona, madrid, valencia, sevilla, grenada, etc.
portugal: porto, lisbon
austria: salzburg, vienna, graz
italy: all over

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Pantelis G. 'Pandy' Zolas  — Lewiston Sun Journal
He finished gymnasium in Athens, Greece, and attended university in Italy. Pandy received his doctorate in naval architecture, marine and mechanical engineering from the University of Naples, Italy.

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Where can I see/sit in/drive a Ferrari in Italy?

I'm going on a vacation to Italy and I really wanna see a Ferrari 458 Italia up close in person. That would make the whole trip for me. Also, if at all possible, I'd LOVE to take one for a lap around a track. Is this possible? If so, where? Cost is no object.

I'll just add that most of the uber-expensive cars in the world can't be "test driven" like you would a Toyota. Even if you are really intending to buy a Maserati, they won't let you take it out for a spin, usually. First you buy it, then you drive it. Going to a Ferrari dealership expecting them to just let you hop in a car and go for a joyride is unrealistic at best. It's not like it's a new idea, either. If that is what you're thinking is..

Don K
Is it true that if youu want to buy a Ferrari, beside a lot of money, u need to take a special driving course?

I heard that even if you have money you cannot buy a new Ferrari car just like that.... you need to take special training provided by Ferrari, and that is a condition, if it`s your first Ferrari car.

Nope. It's not required, but is highly recommended. The Ferrari driving school is located in Italy. It has been operating for 13 years. A new one is opening up in a Canadian ski town in a few weeks. The new course in Canada costs U.S. $8,200. Like the school in Italy, the Canadian facilities include a race track.

Here's another interesting tidbit: One cannot order a new Maybach without being approved by the manufacturer first.

What do you think about Italy?

What do you know about girl,city,story,culture,food,italian people,school... And what do you think about it?

Most beautiful country in the world, best food, best beaches, best shopping, best weather, and best people (well in the south at least). Make the nicest cars, clothes and shoes. Probably has the Richest history in the world, and has contributed so much to the advancement of the human race. Countless inventions and scientific breakthroughs. Produced the likes of Niccolo Machiavelli, Leonardo Di Vinci, MichelAngelo, Galileo, Bernini, Raffaelo, and literally hundreds more of some of the greatest minds who ever lived. 95% of all countries in the world have yet to produce ONE man as great as…

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