Best Architecture Schools in Italy

America's Best Landscape Architecture Schools 2014

Which landscape architecture programs are best preparing students for success in the profession?

Note: the full report—including landscape architecture programs ranked 6-15 and related rankings for architecture, interior design, and industrial design programs—is now available in print and PDF editions.

Survey Methodology:

America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools is conducted annually by DesignIntelligence on behalf of the Design Futures Council. The research ranks undergraduate and graduate programs from the perspective of leading practitioners. This 14th annual survey was conducted in mid-2013.

Selected professional practice leaders with direct experience hiring and supervising the performance of recent architecture and design graduates are invited to participate in the research. Survey participants, who are drawn from the Greenway Group database of leading firms throughout the United States, must verify they are currently responsible for hiring or supervising design professionals in each of the design fields for which they respond: architecture, industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture.How Firms Succeed 5.0 Surveys from non-qualifying individuals, including those not invited by DesignIntelligence to participate, are excluded from the results.

For the four professions surveyed, a total of 1, 108 professional practice organizations participated in the research.

The professional practice survey queried participants on the question, “In your firm’s hiring experience in the past five years, which of the following schools are best preparing students for success in the profession?” In addition, they are queried about additional issues, such as how programs rate in teaching various skills.

The Top 5 Undergraduate Landscape Architecture Programs - 2014

Winning Work Isn't About Who You Know, But Who Knows You1 Pennsylvania State University
Louisiana State University
Purdue University
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
University of Georgia

The Top 5 Graduate Landscape Architecture Programs - 2014

Harvard University
Kansas State University
University of Pennsylvania
Cornell University

Note: Responders selected from lists of undergraduate and graduate landscape architecture programs accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board.


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In the biggest issue of DesignIntelligence ever published, "America's Best Architecture & Design Schools 2014" presents a definitive analysis of architecture and design programs across the United States.

Springer Software Engineering: International Summer Schools, ISSSE 2006-2008, Salerno, Italy, Revised Tutorial Lectures (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Programming and Software Engineering)
Book (Springer)

Pantelis G. 'Pandy' Zolas  — Lewiston Sun Journal
He finished gymnasium in Athens, Greece, and attended university in Italy. Pandy received his doctorate in naval architecture, marine and mechanical engineering from the University of Naples, Italy.


Does anyone know of a good architecture school in italy?

Once i have completed my studies here i would like to study architecture in italy. does anyone know of a good school in italy and a web site i can look it up on?(in english)

No, but if you advocate the completion of sangria familia in barcelona you'll probably get something good. The start by antoine gaudi needs to be finished. It's very astonishing architecturaly.

Architecture school questions?

What school would you reccomend for it's architecture programs(one in america and one anywhere else)?

what could i do to raise the chances of getting accepted (i.e. things to put on application)?

is rome/italy a good place to study?

is it difficult to be successful as an architect?

There isn't a school that fits all personalities or design skill set. Your decision should be based on research and not simply by a school's perceived reputation. In order for you to maximize your education, you need to find a school with a design direction you would like to explore.

You really need to make sure you have enough funding to go to school abroad. It will not come cheap.

Success in any given trade/profession lie with the individual. It comes down to how much work and sacrifice one is willing to commit. Although many people will say luck is…

Andres R
What are the best architecture schools in europe?

I'm focusing on the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Scandinavia.
Preferably english speaking but german, french and italian I could brush up on (native spanish and english speaker with some knowledge of the aforementioned languages).
I want to do a masters on architectural design (perhaps urban design if the program is interesting enough) there next year.

Best architecture schools will be found below.

What is the most prestigious architecture school in rome?

Hi I'm from Italy. The best architecture school in Rome is called Valle Giulia (check here but it's not the best one in Italy. Here there's the Top10 of the best architecture schools in Italy:

2)Milano - Politecnico
3)Roma (Valle Giulia)
4)Torino - Politecnico
8)Venezia - Iuav


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