University of Naples, Italy

University of Naples Metro Station by Karim Rashid

Naples Metro Station by Karim RashidNew York designer Karim Rashid has renovated the University of Naples subway station in Naples, Italy.

Commuters pass between huge columns with the profiles of faces towards a shifting lenticular wall of graphic patterns.

Sculptures and graphic artworks line the escalators, leading to platforms with backlit patterns on the walls.

Naples Metro Station by Karim Rashid

The information below is from Karim Rashid:

The University of Naples subway station is highly trafficked by a multi-cultural, academic community of thousands of passengers a day.

A creative concept that communicates and embodies knowledge in the new digital age, language in the shrinking global landscape, innovation and mobility in this third technological revolution.

Naples is no longer a historic southern city of Italy but instead now is an integral intellectual information haven that extends itself throughout the rest of the world.

This is the changing Italy and the station is a metaphor of this new wired global condition. It integrates the station with its surroundings, as well as provides a platform for innovative, cutting-edge design strategy.

Naples Metro Station by Karim Rashid

We utilize the descension from the piazza to the subway platforms to represent a metaphorical shift from the conscious brain to the spiritual mind. Experiencing this journey, the commuter is able to define one’s own experience by interpreting the individual shift from a busy “brain state” to a focused “mind state”.

Entering into the station from the piazza to the subway station, the visitor will walk though a space clad with tiles, each one with is printed with new words created in this last century. Once the visitor arrives in the station lobby, he/she is impacted by the soft nature of the space, the striking palette of colors and patterns.

Along the back wall of the station lobby level, lenticular iconography changing colors and perspective provides an interesting siteline as commuters proceed to the platforms below. Intersecting the space between the heads profile benches (metaphorically intersecting the dialogue) is an abstracted, SYNPOSIS sculpture reflecting the nodes of the brain and the synapses which occur within.

Naples Metro Station by Karim Rashid Naples Metro Station by Karim Rashid Naples Metro Station by Karim Rashid Naples Metro Station by Karim Rashid
The Positive School of Criminology Three Lectures Given at the University of Naples, Italy on April 22, 23 and 24, 1901
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Italians pay price for junk food revolution

by parody-quirk

Poor lifestyle linked to nine out of 10 deaths
· Ministry sends out fruit as traditional diet abandoned Long revered as models of healthy living and eating, Italians are abandoning the fruit and vegetable-based Mediterranean diet in favour of fizzy drinks, cigarettes and deep fried food, and are paying for it with their lives, a new government study claimed.
Italy's health ministry is planning to send emergency rations of fruit into schools, hospitals and offices after research revealed Italians are dying in their droves from diseases linked to alcohol, smoking and processed food.Southern regions around Naples are worst hit, said Walter Ricciardi of Rome's Catholic University, author of one study

Correlations: sleep duration and illness, death

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Research carried out by the University of Warwick in collaboration with the Federico II University Medical School in Naples, Italy, has found that people who sleep for less than six hours each night were 12% more likely to die prematurely than those who get the recommended 6-8 hours. The study, published today in the journal Sleep, provides unequivocal evidence of the direct link between short duration of sleep (less than 6 hours sleep a night) and an increased chance of dying prematurely.
The investigation also notes that consistent more than lengthy sleeping (more than 9 hours a night) can be a reason to be concerned

Looking for interviewees

by ProfessorPohoda

I am an American historian (University of Maryland, European Division, Naples, Italy), who is writing a book on popular culture in eastern Europe between 1960 and 1990. Basically, I would like to talk to central and eastern European people on the phone (at my expense) about their stories, during this period.
I am interested in basic life events; dating, marriage, gardening, sports, sex, political views, shopping, music, and so forth. What was the system 'really' like, on the day to day basis? I hope to develop a comprehensive perspective on communism as ideology as distinct from communism in practice

Pantelis G. 'Pandy' Zolas  — Lewiston Sun Journal
He finished gymnasium in Athens, Greece, and attended university in Italy. Pandy received his doctorate in naval architecture, marine and mechanical engineering from the University of Naples, Italy.

University Of Chicago Press The Ancient Shore: Dispatches from Naples
Book (University Of Chicago Press)
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