University of Macerata Italy

University of Macerata (Summer 2015

The Program / Location

Macerata is located off the usual tourist route in central Italy. The historical center is on a hill between the Chienti and Potenza rivers, with the modern town sprawling on the plain below with a population of about 43, 000. Truly a charming hill-town with great scenery, and the site of one of Italy’s most favorite opera festivals – Arena Sferisterio – which is held in July and August every year.

The climate is both Mediterranean and Continental. Summer is usually nice and sunny.

The University of Macerata was founded in 1290 and has about 13, 000 students. The Summer School program is 4 weeks total, and consists of Italian language courses as well as cultural topics including Italian law. Total of 81 hours of instruction provided for the 4 weeks.

Housing is provided (included in price) in the University Colleges, and meals can be obtained in the University canteen (cafeteria) for 4 – 5 euros. Excursions are also included.

Very popular program….so early registration is advised ! Minimum age is 16 yrs.

Courses – Italian Language & Culture

Italian Language Course includes: 80 hours of classes (all levels welcome)

- Italian Language & Culture
- Reflections on Language & Work on Texts

Italian Cultural Studies includes: 28 additional hours for 4 weeks (optional)
- Taught in Italian – Requires intermediate level B1 (tested there)

* Tourism and Landscape (Course A)

- Territory and Landscape
- Main tourist sites in Le Marche
– Cultural heritage and its exploitation in tourism
- Tourism and production of quality food

* Italian and European Law (Course B)

- Italian Legal System
- Italian Constitution
- European Law
- Criminal Law in Italy

All levels welcome for Italian Language Courses – beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Cultural Courses require at least intermediate level of B1 (test given) – for course is taught in Italian. These courses are optional and cost an additional $100 USD per 2 weeks

Italian language courses held M-F, from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Cultural courses held 3 times weekly (M-TH), from 3:00 – 5:30 pm.
– exact schedule given at arrival check-in

Academic Credit

Transcript issued by the University of Macerata. 2 weeks = 40 hrs of Italian language courses, and 14 additional cultural course hours. 4 weeks = 80 hrs of Italian language courses, and 28 hrs of cultural courses. Students usually earn 2 – 5 credits.

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Three university professors are resigning as

by ProudlyPinko

Editors at a scientific publisher in protest at its decision to retract research linking climate change scepticism to conspiratorial thinking.
Professors Ugo Bardi, of the University of Florence, Italy and Björn Brembs, of the University of Regensburg, Germany, launched scathing attacks on the Switzerland-based publisher Frontiers. Professor Colin Davis, of the University of Bristol, has also resigned in protest.
Brembs described Frontiers' retraction decision as “an outrageous act of a scientific journal caving in to pressure from delusionals” who, he said, were “demanding the science about their publicly displayed delusions be hidden from the world

Study abroad

by helpchooseprograms

I'm a sophomore in college planning on spending next year studying abroad. There are so many prgrams to choose from and I dont know how to tell which ones are good. Has anyone studied with any of these programs:
-CEA at Santa Reparata in Florence
-CEA in Paris- Language and Photo Program at the Sorbonne and SPEOS
-Arcadia University in Florence (Accademia Italiana) or Perugia, Italy (Umbra Institute)

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"Unfortunately, more than a fourth of children with epilepsy remain refractory to treatment," pointed out Professor Renzo Guerrini from the Children's Hospital Anna Meyer-University of Florence, Italy. "There is still a need for additional treatment ..

Photos: Florence shows her support to the #BringBackOurGirls movement  —
Today, a young Nigerian student of the University of Florence, Italy – Peter Fetonghan and some friends decided to take a bold step to raise awareness by spreading the word to students and citizens of one of Italy's oldest cities – Florence.

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Are there any americans living in the veneto, italy?

I live in Treviso, Italy. I am American and haven't been able to meet English speaking people here. Are there any? Where ARE they? How do I meet them?

There are a number of Americans living in Venice, Padova (university town), Vicenza (military) and some around Verona. I've heard that there is or was another US citizen living in the town where I am in Emilia Romagna, but haven't met one in the ten years I've been living here. You might try the expat sites like , but the Italians are wonderful people. You can also meet other people in the train stations and on the trains although most may be tourists.

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