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Dear all,
next week's classes will be devoted to an extremely fascinating topic: the relationship between Law and Music. Prof. Giorgio Resta (University of Bari) with the help of M° Roberto Baldinelli (violin) will introduce us to this extremely intriguing world. Don't miss it!

Law & music might appear as one of the most recent and less investigated frontiers of the law & literature movement. To some extent this is true. However, the interface between law and music has also been the subject of important studies in ancient times (Plato in particular), in the middle age (one of the first examples is the anonymous treatise of the fourteenth century Ars cantus mensurabilis mensurata per modus iuris) and during the twentieth century. Prominent legal scholars have written about musical estethics and musicology (Pugliatti) and at the same time several important composers and musicians have been trained in the law (among the others C. P. E. Bach, Schumann, Stravinsky, Nono).
The most important intersection between the two disciplines is represented by the theory of interpretation. Interpreting and performing a score raises a set of questions involves a range of problems not entirely different from interpreting a constitution, a statute, a regulation, or even a legal precedent. During the lecture, Prof. Resta and M. Baldinelli will deal with these issues both from a legal and a musical perspective.


J. Frank, Words and Music: Some Remarks on Statutory Interpretation, in "Columbia Law Review", 47.8 (1947), 1259-1278.

S. Levinson-J.M. Balkin, Law, Music, and Other Performing Arts, in "U. Pa. L. Rev", 139 (1991), 1597 ss.

Prof. Resta's CV

Giorgio Resta is Associate Professor of Comparative Law at the

University of Bari “Aldo Moro” (Italy). He has received scholarships from national and international institutions (among the others the Italian Research Council, the Max Planck Gesellschaft and the International Council for Canadian Studies) and is regularly invited to lecture in foreign universities. In 2010-2011 he has been Visiting Professor at McGill University and in 2009, 2010 and 2013 at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (Paris). He is author of many articles and books, including Trial by Media as a Legal Problem. A Comparative Analysis (E.S. 2009), Le persone fisiche e i diritti della personalità (UTET, 2006), Autonomia privata e diritti della personalità (Jovene, 2005; prize Club dei Giuristi). He is co-editor of Riparare risarcire ricordare. Un dialogo tra storici e giuristi (E.S. 2012), and Karl Polanyi. Per un nuovo Occidente (ilSaggiatore, 2013); and editor of Diritti esclusivi e ‘nuovi’ beni immateriali (UTET, 2010); Giustizia e mass media. Quali regole per quali soggetti (E.S. 2010). Recently he published three essays in Law & Contemporary Problems, Tulane Eur. Civ. L. Forum, Law & History Rev. His areas of interest are comparative law, information and new technologies law, intellectual property, law & economics. He is member of the Italian Bar.


M° Baldinelli's CV

Studies and Prizes


Maturità Classica Leaving Certificate


Violin Diploma of the Conservatorio di Musica “Santa Cecilia” of Rome under the guidance of M° Antonio Marchetti

Postgraduate studies with Shlomo Mintz, Herman Krebbers, Victor Tretiakov, Pavel Vernikov, Lenuta Ciuley and Franco Gulli


Violin Diploma of Merit from the Accademia Chigiana in the class of Boris Belkin

Winner of a S.I.A.E.(Società Italiana Autori Editori) scholarship


Admission to Ruggiero Ricci’s solo class at the Universitat Mozarteum Salzburg Chamber Music Diploma of the Conservatorio di Musica “Santa Cecilia” of Rome in the class of Luciano Cerroni


Winner of the Y.E.S.(Young European Strings) international selection


Admission to the Principal Leader Course of the Accademia Nazionale di “Santa Cecilia” and final diploma in 2000


Master of Arts Violin Degree (Zweite Diplomprufung) with honours from the Universitat Mozarteum Salzburg in the class of Ruggiero Ricci

Second Prize at the 4th Solo Violin Competition of the Università Cattolica of
Atlantic Monthly Press A Question of Belief: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery (Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries)
Book (Atlantic Monthly Press)
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Which are the best medical universities in the UK?

I'm italian and next year i should get my "maturità" italian equivalent of A-levels.
I was wondering which were the best medical universities in the UK with GOOD DENTISTRY DEPARTMENTS which is what I'd like to do.
so far i've found Birmingham university, King's college of London and university of manchester.
as I first said I would like to know the best uni's for odontolgy and which is the best for undergrad international students like me.
I'd appreciate a graduating student reply

The best university for Medicine is Oxford, then Edinburgh, then UCL
The best university for medicine in the UK is King's College London, followed by Glasgow University then Cardiff University.

Advice on going to medical school in Italy?

I plan on going to the University of Illinois-at Chicago to enroll in their BSN program to be a registerd nurse, and then I want to furthur my education and go to a medical school in Italy to become a Child Neurologist. After my four years there I would like to come back to the U.S and do my residency for four years. I've heard good and bad things about going to medical school in Italy, but I cant make up my mind...
Please Help!!!
Any Advice Is Needed!!!!
Thank you
-Nancy G.

It's unlikely that you would be accepted into any medical school in Italy (not impossible, just unlikely). Most countries are reluctant to give up one of their seats to a US citizen due to the fact most want to do just what you have indicated--go back to the US.

Italy has 42 medical schools and all are taught in Italian and all are six years. You can find info on each, with a link to its web page at the International Medical Education Directory:

Shanta H
How much does a medical university cost 'annually'in Australia?

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Universities differ in fees charged especially to overseas students. Contact the universities direct for current tariffs

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