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ferrara picture italyIt's official, I am going to be studying at the renowned University of Architecture in Ferrara Italy for the month of July 2008!!! This University is situated in the Medieval walled city of Ferrara and has been the top ranked University of Architecture in Italy for 8 consecutive years. The University of Ferrara was founded in 1391, and that makes it one of the oldest Universities. I feel very honored and privileged to be studying at this facility under the tutorage of top Italian Professors in the "Facolta di Architettura di Ferrara".

Location of Ferrara in Italy This is a map of Ferrara and you can see the outlines of the wall around the city. Ferrara is a city in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. It is situated 50 km north-northeast of Bologna, on the Po di Volano, a branch channel of the main stream of the Po River. The town has broad streets and numerous palaces dating from the 14th & 15th century. It is a walled Renaissance city, surrounded by 9 kilometers of ancient red brick walls. For its beauty and cultural importance it has been qualified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Ferrara is a "bike city". When I arrive, I am given a bike to ride back and forth between campus and the Residence. It is apparently a 10 minute bike ride. Very European and very energy efficient, as well as good exercise.

imageThe city walls and one of the gates into the City of Ferrara Ferrara is a bicycle city-as you can see from in front of the train station. photos James Martin

I will be taking two courses juring the month of July:

The Faculty of Architecture building

The first course is 19th - 21st Century Design History of Italian Architecture, Interiors, Furniture & Graphic Design Taught by Prof.ssa Dr. Giulia CERIANI SEBREGONDI My text books for this course are two "Bibles" of 20th Century Architecture and Furniture Design

20th Century Furniture Design Modern Architecture Since 1900 by William Curtis by Klaus-Jurgen Sembach The front cover is Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Brick Villa Project, plan, 1923 2. My second course is Sketching and consists of three nodules Module 01 taught by Prof. Mario MANGANARO - Proportioning an drawing plans and elevations - Direct perspective and exercises on representing elementary volumes - Field exercises - Examples of travel sketches (Rome, Venice, Naples, Palermo) - Field Exercises

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My answers

by Aretino

1. Frederick the Great spoke French at court and supposedly spoke German to his horse.
2. 19th century German universities were the first research universities in the world. German professors were expected to discover new knowledge, not just teach. Students were expected to reason, not just memorize.
3. Jakob Burckhardt invented the concept of the Italian Renaissance in his book is The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (1860).
4. Grimm's law showed how consonants changes as Indo-European languages evolved into early Germanic languages.
5. Germans were delighted in the 19th century to find that their language was linguistically related to the great cultures of ancient India, and that they did not have to view themselves as derivative of ancient Rome

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