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Across the Bridge Contemporary Italian Art in

Across the Bridge Contemporary Italian Art in London

Across the Bridge: Contemporary Italian Art in London, Curated by Carola Syz

Private View Tuesday 6th September at 6pm. The Italian Ambassador Alain Giorgio Maria Economides will officially open the show at

After the success of the group exhibition at the Italian Embassy in London last June, Francesca Fiumano will be hosting the exhibition ‘Across the Bridge’ at her Gallery Fiumano Fine, Connaught Street, London W2. A young and vibrant group of contemporary artists, whose work has evolved both in Italy and London explore and express their creativity through photography and painting. They experiment with a variety of materials and techniques to create unique and arresting work. The themes they address are various and the artists’ creativity is not bounded by country or continent. The bridge these artists cross in their life and work is a symbol of their artistic development in different countries; they take what is best from both, the Italian and the British and make it their own by expressing their creativity in a unique way. The bridge is interpreted literally or it can symbolize transitions between the outer and inner worlds. Some of these artists follow a metaphysical path or find their inspiration through Eastern philosophies. Their research and interest has led them to explore different cultures and populations and to create works inspired by the recent Tsunami in Japan, Mao’s communist China, the Hungarian Steppe as well as Coney Island NY.

Exhibiting artists:

Alessia E.R. Avellino is an Italian artist working in London. Her work features cityscapes and seascapes exploring light and space, contrast and line, atmosphere and movement. She graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2000 and has since won several awards and scholarships such as the The Drawing Year at The Prince’s Drawing School, the Bruce Church Scholarship and the Hugh Casson Drawing Prize at the Royal Academy of Arts, (previous recipients of the prize include Paula Rego and Frank Auerbach). Her work is in public and private collections including ITV, BP, Homan, Fenwick & Willan, and Yolles.

WWII Japanese-American heros

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Shigeru Matsukawa, 80, of Salt Lake City joined the 442nd -- with his mother's blessing -- shortly after his older brother, Isamie, was killed while fighting with the unit in Italy

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My name is Jonathan. I am an American student studying in Italy at John Cabot University.I have been here in Rome for one year now. Studying in Italy gives me a first hand perspective on history and diplomacy while allowing me to fulfill in my monthly obligations to the military in Vicenza, Italy. I am a soldier in the Army Reserve. I also work at an American pub here in Rome and at the University whenever the opportunity arises.Studying in Italy also offers me a chance to closely examine one of my favorite European cultures. I adore Italian cuisine, art and coffee. Living abroad will give me an opportunity to sharpen my linguistic skills that are essential for any aspiring diplomat

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Fine art universities in Italy?

I am looking for information on fine art universities in Italy, more specifically Florence, Rome,Venice and Milan. I have searched on google but without luck, as I do not know Italian I cannot find much information.

I would like to know about the public universities, more about the course they offer on fine arts and what requirements they have and any other useful information.

Your help would be extremely beneficial.

I've had a look at what's on offer in Florence and have come up with which may be of interest as well as Florence University which has an English guide at - not sure how much help these are though.

Fine arts university in italy forli?

Università Degli Studi Di Bologna
Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano

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