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About Vicki Raab | Pre-College Psychology Instructor, Athlete, Traveler, Adventurer

Vicki holds a Bachelors degree in History, with a minor in Psychology from Rutgers University, Douglass College. She also received her Masters degree in Social Studies Education by completing a 5-year program in the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University. Currently, she teaches U.S. History and Sociology at West Morris Central High School in Chester, New Jersey. She is also an Assistant Coach of the Varsity Field Hockey team at West Morris and is so proud of her Wolfpack State Champions!

raab1For more information on Vicki’s summer program for high school students visit:

In her spare time, Vicki loves playing field hockey, traveling to far off locations, going for a nice long run, and seeking a challenge. Vicki has been a field hockey goalkeeper since 1999, playing in middle school, high school, at Rutgers, and currently in a women’s league on the weekends. She is looking forward to throwing in her goalie pads and trying out a field position this Spring.

She recently completed her first Tough Mudder last Fall, tackling 13 miles and 27 obstacles, including an arctic ice plunge and some serious electrocution! She will be entering into a MudManX race this Spring and a Spartan Race next Fall. Most importantly, Vicki loves to travel when she has the opportunity. So far, she has traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, and Spain, and her sights are set on Italy! One day she hopes to set foot on every continent (except maybe Antarctica…).

Excited for Pre-College Psychology!

Blueprint will be an entirely new experience for Vicki, but she sincerely hopes that it will be one that she will always remember! She hopes to make a summer home at Blueprint and help make the pre-college summer program (and Psychology) unforgettable for you too!

Get PSYCHed!

  • National Record Holder: “Most Saves in a Season, ” “Most Saves in a Career”
  • Alumni of Phi Sigma Pi Co-Ed National Honor Fraternity
  • Major History and Social Science nerd!
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Pre-college summer program to Spain/Italy for 2-3 weeks?

Looking for a pre-college summer study abroad program that is in either Spain or Italy that is 2-3 weeks. Similar to the ASA program, but not booked or 4 weeks.

Abbey Road is a choice, I think.

Barcelona, Spain or Florence, Italy Study Abroad?

I start college in the fall and want to do one of their study abroad programs but im having a hard time deciding which one to do. I've wanted to go to italy since i was in 4th grade and that program also has a pre-tour in paris and london. I've heard spain is lots of fun and a very lively city and my best friend is doing that program too. Both are for 3 months, spain in the fall and italy in the spring. Has anyone been to both and do you prefer one over the other? thanks!
I won't be doing it in 3 years? i'd be going the end of this year or the beginning of next year. and ok i…

You start college in the Fall, which is seven months away.

And you are looking into a program that you'll be doing three years later.

Why do you have to decide, NOW?

A tip: Spain is NOT "a lively city". It's a COUNTRY.

Why do you want to go abroad? If it's to learn a language, you need to spend a lot more than 3 months!

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